The Wizard of Oz Original MGM Press Book (circa 1955)
The Wizard of Oz Original MGM Press Book (circa 1955) The Wizard of Oz Original MGM Press Book (circa 1955)

The Wizard of Oz Original MGM Press Book (circa 1955)

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Item Specifics
Item Title The Wizard of Oz MGM Press Book
Release Year of Film 1939
Date of Item Circa 1955 (re-released to coincide with Judy Garland's 'come-back' after her break from the industry).
Genre Adventure, family, fantasy
Country of Origin UK
Size 31.5 cm x 25cm
Grade Code C8/9
Condition Notes This is a beautifully presented press book with fantastic duo tone images, photographs and line art throughout (based on the 1939 original). It is 8 pages in total and all are clean and complete. There are some minor signs of handling such as light creasing to the top right edge.

The book includes merchandising tie-ins & posters and ads unique to the UK campaign.

Overall this is a very unique piece which is now hard to find.

Oz was one of the few films of the classic era to receive re-release by its home studio. Though the film was a great critical success during its initial Fall 1939 run, it did not turn a profit until the 1949 re-release, due to the nearly 3 million dollar cost of production. When Judy Garland once again became highly popular with the release of A STAR IS BORN and her first television special, MGM decided to do another re-release, again producing an entirely new advertising campaign both in the States and the UK. They also decided to release the film in an odd widescreen-type format they called Metroscope.
Additional Information
Synopsis Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home.
Director  Victor Fleming
Cast Judy Garland, Frank Morgan and Ray Bolger

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